Playa del Lago Espejo

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Playa del Lago Espejo - Argentina
Playa del Lago Espejo - Argentina
Playa del Lago Espejo
📍 Argentina
Playa del Lago Espejo is a picturesque beach located in La Villa, Argentina. The lake, which looks like a huge mirror, is surrounded by lush vegetation, including willows and cypresses, and is ideal for swimming and fishing. The surrounding area is also a paradise for bird-watchers, offering the opportunity to see rare species of birds in the area! It's a great spot for hiking, with a plethora of trails from which to choose, offering stunning views of the lake and the surrounding landscape. There are plenty of picnic spots, so enjoy a meal in nature, or even a camping experience if you're adventurous. If you’re looking for a unique experience, take a ride on a scenic trip around the lake in a horse-drawn carriage.

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