Plage Sol

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Plage Sol - Desde Cabo Espartel, Morocco
Plage Sol - Desde Cabo Espartel, Morocco
Plage Sol
📍 Desde Cabo Espartel, Morocco
Plage Sol is a beach located in Tangier, Morocco. It is renowned as one of the few swimming beaches located in the city and is usually one of the first destinations for visitors and tourists alike. The waters are generally calm and shallow which makes it an ideal spot for safe and enjoyable swimming. The beach is lined with stunning white sand and there are numerous beach bars that offer a selection of food and drinks for visitors to enjoy. Plage Sol also offers visitors an array of outdoor activities such as surfing and body-boarding, volleyball, and water-skiing. The beach is a great spot for lounging and soaking up some of the local culture. There are several beach-side restaurants and cafes located close by that offer a more relaxed vibe and a great spot for rejuvenation.

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