Pillory of Lisbon

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Pillory of Lisbon - Portugal
Pillory of Lisbon - Portugal
@hoch3media - Unsplash
Pillory of Lisbon
📍 Portugal
The Pillory of Lisbon, also known as the New Pillory, is a 16th century monument located in the Bairro Alto neighborhood of Lisbon, Portugal. It is the oldest pillory in the city and a symbol of justice, its elements sculpted out of granite. Constructed in 1563, the column stands 15 feet tall and consists of four levels – base, pedestal, column and capital – atop which a pillory stands. This pillory is unique in that it includes a bell at its top, which was once used to call people to court sessions. The Pillory also includes several decorative engravings, including a shield surrounded by a garland of flowers, as well as four coats of arms. The monument is still used to publicly shame and fine offenders in Portugal. Today, it is one of Lisbon's most iconic symbols and a popular tourist attraction.

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