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Piesport - Germany
Piesport - Germany
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📍 Germany
Piesport lies on the banks of the River Moselle, in the Rheinland–Palatinate region of Germany. Just a few miles from the Luxembourg border, Piesport is renowned for its vineyards – the Romans began cultivating in the region many centuries ago, and the concentration of winemaking here today marks the city out as one of the most important in the regional wine producing industry.

The surrounding hillsides here are ringed with small planted sites, where riesling grapes soak up the sun before the harvest. Within the city itself, meanwhile, an eclectic collection of wines and related merchandise can be found within the range of independent stores and cellars. Historically, Piesport is best known as the site of the 11th-century church of St. Maximin, which stands atop the wooded heights of the nearby Maxenbuche hill. Nowadays, visitors can explore the church, take in the scenic views, and enjoy some of the finest wines in the region. As well as a delightful small town at its center, Piesport also offers a range of outdoor recreational activities in the surrounding area. Piesport lies near the Briedebach Valley, with its gently flowing streams and extensive forested trails; it's the perfect spot for a relaxed hike or bicycle ride. There's also the circular Römer-Lippestadt-Rundweg trail, a pleasant 1.8mile circuit on which you can explore some of the countryside's historic sites and local lanes, such as the old Roman road.

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