Pieke and his dog Maoke

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Pieke and his dog Maoke - Netherlands
Pieke and his dog Maoke - Netherlands
Pieke and his dog Maoke
📍 Netherlands
The Pieke & Maoke monument in Maastricht, Netherlands is an outdoor sculpture depicting a man with a dog. It was created by Dutch artist Han Rolink and was erected in 2012. This work of art is an ode to those who never let go of the friendships they form, making it a well-known and beloved local landmark.

The sculpture is made of bronze and stands nearly 3 meters tall. Pieke is dressed in traditional Dutch attire and is accompanied by his loyal canine friend, Maoke. When photographed from the front, the duo appear to be looking off towards the horizon, giving the sculpture an atmosphere of frontier exploration and wanderlust. Whether you’re a local or just visiting Maastricht, be sure to make a stop to witness this truly unique landmark.

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