Piazzetta Reale

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Piazzetta Reale - Desde Palazzo Madama, Italy
Piazzetta Reale - Desde Palazzo Madama, Italy
Piazzetta Reale
📍 Desde Palazzo Madama, Italy
Torino's Piazzetta Reale and Palazzo Madama are two important landmarks in the city's history. Located at the southern end of Piazza Castello, they are symbols of the political power of the Savoy family, who once governed the city. Piazzetta Reale is best known for its ornate Royal Gate, built in 1717, which has frescoes depicting the Piedmontese victory over the French in the Battle of Mollwitz in 1741. The Royal Gate is flanked by two towers, which were the city’s main entrance until the 19th century. Palazzo Madama, located just to the east of Piazzetta Reale, was built in the 17th century as a fortified palace. It has a baroque façade, with two large courtyards leading up to it. Today, Palazzo Madama serves as a seat for the Italian Senate. Both landmarks are open for tours and make for great sightseeing opportunities.

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