Piazza Puccini

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Piazza Puccini - Italy
Piazza Puccini - Italy
Piazza Puccini
📍 Italy
Piazza Puccini is one of the most popular squares in the Italian city of Novara. Located in the historical center, the square is surrounded by some of the city's most notable landmarks. On the east side is the majestic Palazzo Ranza, a baroque style palace with a portico leading to a grand gate built in 1695. On the other side is the Duomo of Novara, an awe-inspiring cathedral built in the neoclassical style in the 19th century. Besides its impressive architecture, the square is also known for its grand fountain, which depicts the goddess Minerva surrounded by small sculptures of the Muses. For somebody looking for a cultural experience, taking a leisurely stroll around the square is a must. There are numerous restaurants and cafes around the square, allowing travelers and visitors to try some tasty local dishes while taking in the picturesque view.

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