Piastów's Castle

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Piastów's Castle - Desde Courtyard, Poland
Piastów's Castle - Desde Courtyard, Poland
Piastów's Castle
📍 Desde Courtyard, Poland
Piastów’s Castle, also known as Brzeg Castle, is a prominent medieval castle located in the town of Brzeg, Lower Silesia, Poland. Built in 1311, the castle was the ancestral home of the Piast dynasty and a stronghold of the province of Silesia. The castle complex includes two churches, an art museum, theater, tombs of the dukes, and a museum of Silesian provincial history. Visitors can take guided tours to explore the structure and its war-torn history. With its fortification walls, towers, and moats, the Piastów’s Castle is one of the most significant monuments of Lower Silesian Gothic architecture. Visitors can also take photos of the beautiful landscape, including the Oder River and the Brzeg town. The Piastów’s Castle is open all year round for visitors.

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