Petra Monastary

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Petra Monastary - Desde Mountain Overlook, Jordan
Petra Monastary - Desde Mountain Overlook, Jordan
Petra Monastary
📍 Desde Mountain Overlook, Jordan
The Petra Monastery in Umm Sayhoun, Jordan is a monumental building built in Byzantine Gothic style. It sits atop the mountain, overlooking the dry barren wastes that characterize the area. Inside the monastery, you will find the remains of the icon of Christ, the caves where the ancestors of the Bedouins lived, a small mosque and a beautiful garden. Don't miss the amazing Nabataean-style architecture and don't forget to visit the magnificent sheep market on the hill opposite the monastery. Explore the hidden corners of Petra Monastery and discover the secrets of ancient Petra in the siq, or 'gate', the site of the famous treasury. This is a beautiful and peaceful place, steeped in history and captivating its visitors with its captivating landscape and landmarks. Be sure to witness the vibrant sunset over the mountains around the monastery. Come and explore Umm Sayhoun and experience stunning religions, culture, and visit the popular markets for an amazing experience.

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