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Peñafiel - Desde Castillo de Peñafiel, Spain
Peñafiel - Desde Castillo de Peñafiel, Spain
@henarlanga - Unsplash
📍 Desde Castillo de Peñafiel, Spain
Peñafiel and Castillo de Peñafiel is located in the beautiful town of Peñafiel in the province of Valladolid in the autonomous community of Castile and Leon, Spain. The town is full of history and is known as an important hub of the country’s wine-making industry. The town is made up of several squares full of traditional architecture, which includes the beautiful medieval castle that stands proudly atop of a hill, which towers over the city. The Castillo de Peñafiel is a spectacular sight with its tall feudal walls and towers, and it is a perfect place to explore the history of the town. You can also take in the incredible landscape of the Duero River Valley, which is available through views from the castle and its towers. Peñafiel itself is packed full of interesting monuments, such as its church and its fantastic palace. In the city, you can also find numerous interesting shops, bars and restaurants, where you can get a taste of traditional Spain. All in all, Peñafiel and Castillo de Peñafiel is an ideal destination for travelers and photographers who want to explore a place with a great deal of historical and natural beauty.

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