Peggys Cove

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Peggys Cove - Canada
Peggys Cove - Canada
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Peggys Cove
📍 Canada
Peggy's Cove is an iconic Nova Scotia landmark. The picturesque lighthouse, overlooking a series of massive granite boulders and jagged cliffs, is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world. Boasting a stunning scenery filled with natural beauty, Peggy's Cove is the perfect backdrop for any amateur or professional photographer. The quaint fishing village, dotted with ancient fishing boats and working wharf, offer stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, in addition to a fascinating insight into the historical past of this region. A visit to Peggy's Cove is sure to be a memorable experience! Take the time to explore the surrounding area, either by foot or with a hired guide, and you'll be rewarded with a glimpse at the natural wonders of this beautiful area.

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