Pasupati Bridge

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Pasupati Bridge - Indonesia
Pasupati Bridge - Indonesia
@hanifildfn - Unsplash
Pasupati Bridge
📍 Indonesia
Pasupati Bridge is a spectacular 22-meter-high bridge located near the city of Tamansari in Indonesia. It spans the Citarum River, linking the provinces of West and Central Java. Serving as a local transportation connector, the bridge is a popular spot for sightseers and visitors. Furthermore, its unique architecture is a testament to the skill and ingenuity of the bridge’s architects and builders. The bridge is adorned with striking stone carvings, intricately designed panels, and a large roof that arches over the bridge. The bridge also provides incredible views of the surrounding hills, forests, and long, winding river. Visitors can explore the area and take in its magnificent architecture and beautiful natural landscape. Pasupati Bridge is a must-see for anyone visiting Indonesia!

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