Passerelle des Deux Rives

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Passerelle des Deux Rives - Desde East Side, Germany
Passerelle des Deux Rives - Desde East Side, Germany
@tomlaudiophile - Unsplash
Passerelle des Deux Rives
📍 Desde East Side, Germany
The Passerelle des Deux Rives is a pedestrian and cyclist bridge that spans from the French city of Strasbourg to the German city of Kehl. Situated half way between the two cities, it gives visitors a great view of the surrounding area and the River Rhine. Not to be confused with the nearby landmark of the European Bridge, the Passerelle des Deux Rives was designed by Hentic et Gabbani and constructed in 2014. It is a metal structure of bright silver with arched supports and LED lighting. It's a great spot to come and experience the river, both day and night. The bridge and its surroundings can be enjoyed from various lookout points or paths. Visitors can also cycle or walk across the bridge and see both sides of the river. A spectacular contrast can be seen between the hillside vineyards of France and the cityscape of Germany.

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