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Parthenonas - Desde East Side, Greece
Parthenonas - Desde East Side, Greece
📍 Desde East Side, Greece
The Parthenonas was commissioned by the Athenian statesman, Pericles, and built from 447-438BC. It was designed as a temple dedicated to the Greek gods Athena, whom the city is named after, and Poseidon. The Parthenonas, the most recognizable surviving building of ancient Greece and a part of The Acropolis of Athens, is perhaps the most potent symbol of ancient Greek civilization. It stands majestically atop the rocky hill on the Athenian Acropolis, protected by its guardian, the caryatid maiden statues. The temple was constructed as a Doric order, featuring eight columns on two wider sides and six columns on the two narrower sides. It is architecturally perfect in its proportions and harmony and is said to have been built without the use of mortar.

As the most important temple in the ancient world, hundreds of years later the Parthenonas is still seen as a religious site. While it has often been damaged, restored and recycled throughout its lifetime, it still stands today, one of the most important monuments of Western civilization. Today, visitors can climb up the hill to the Parthenonas and explore the ruins, including the now-reconstructed caryatid statues, while marveling at the majestic view of the city below. Local guides are available near the entrance of The Acropolis to take you on guided tours, and there are also restaurants, gift shops and small museums located nearby.

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