Parque Nacional Talampaya - UNESCO

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Parque Nacional Talampaya - UNESCO - Argentina
Parque Nacional Talampaya - UNESCO - Argentina
Parque Nacional Talampaya - UNESCO
📍 Argentina
Parque Nacional Talampaya is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the La Rioja Province of Argentina. The park lies in an isolated region of the Andes, and is home to some of the country's richest and most important archaeological and cultural monuments. This remote sanctuary was one of the most important sites of the national cultures of aboriginal peoples and has been recognised for its importance with its inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The 38,000 hectares of parkland contains amazing granite canyons and rugged rock formations, evidence of its volcanic activity millions of years ago. Visitors to the park can explore deep within the canyon walls and experience the unique archaeological sites, including engraved motifs and pictographs. Wildlife is ample within the park and includes foxes, eagles and deer. There are also several hiking trails, campgrounds and restaurants. With its remarkable array of geological and archaeological features, Parque Nacional Talampaya is a stunning natural wonder and a must-visit destination for adventure buffs!

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In summer it is very hot. I recommend going in the winter or trying to take the tours early.
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