Panemune Castle

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Panemune Castle - Desde Outside, Lithuania
Panemune Castle - Desde Outside, Lithuania
Panemune Castle
📍 Desde Outside, Lithuania
Panemune Castle, located in Pilis I, Lithuania, is an impressive remnant of a bridge castle built in the 13th century. It is situated on the Kernave-Vilnius and Grodno-Vilnius roads. Originally, this was one of the five main castles built by the Teutonic Order. The castle was captured by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania during the Grand Duchy's uprising of 1385-1386 against the Teutonic Order. The castle is the most impressive and most easily accessible of the many castles located in Lithuania. The castle is surrounded by a battle ditch with a bridge across it. It is encircled by thick wall and towers. The castle was in use up until the early 18th century and you can still see its awesome highlights. Explore the tall red-brick watchtowers, open courtyards and the old walls that offer stunning views of the surrounding forests. This place is a great destination for history lovers and curious travelers alike.

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