Palazzo Pretorio

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Palazzo Pretorio - Desde Via Rivellino, Italy
Palazzo Pretorio - Desde Via Rivellino, Italy
Palazzo Pretorio
📍 Desde Via Rivellino, Italy
Palazzo Pretorio in Certaldo, Italy is the official residence of the Captain of the People. With its beautiful facade and frescoed walls, it stands as a witness to the city's fascinating past. Constructed in 1288 at the height of the city's commercial might, Palazzo Pretorio has been carefully preserved over the centuries.

The walls of this unique building are covered in paintings, depicting various aspects of life in Certaldo throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The designs include coats of arms, symbols, religious figures, and scenes of everyday life. Visitors can explore the building to gain a better understanding of the city's culture and history. Inside, visitors will find the "Hall of Justice", with its ancient stone fireplace, and the indoor courtyard with its fountain. The two-story arched loggia is an ideal spot for a visit. From there, visitors can also visit the chapel, dedicated to Saint Amyclas. Those looking for a great photo opportunity can head to Palazzo Pretorio's terrace, where stunning views of the Tuscan valley and the surrounding hills await!

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