Palacio de Cibeles

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Palacio de Cibeles - Desde Front, Spain
Palacio de Cibeles - Desde Front, Spain
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Palacio de Cibeles
📍 Desde Front, Spain
The Palacio de Cibeles, also known as the City Hall, is a major landmark in the center of Madrid, Spain. The neoclassical building is a symbol of the city and a great tourist attraction. Inside the palace, visitors can admire the grand decorations, exquisite furniture and rich history of the city's past. The building is also home to the city's mayor, a must-see for those wishing to visit the sites of government and power. The building has been modernized with a beautiful terrace and a magnificent view of the nearby passing traffic. Visitors can also enjoy the tour around the various administrative and government offices within the building. The Palacio de Cibeles stands as a monumental reminder of the culture and spirit of the people of Madrid.

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