Palacio de Anaya

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Palacio de Anaya - Desde Plaza de Anaya, Spain
Palacio de Anaya - Desde Plaza de Anaya, Spain
Palacio de Anaya
📍 Desde Plaza de Anaya, Spain
Palacio de Anaya is a magnificent palace located in the historic center of Salamanca, Spain. Erected in 1759 in a neoclassical style, the two-story palace is imposing and beautifully decorated both inside and out. Inside, the palace dazzles with frescoed walls, marble-lined staircases, and wood-paneled rooms. The most famous one is the “Salon Dorado,” with a graceful French style and a fascinating stucco ceiling with its Arab-like motifs. The palace also houses a magnificent collection of paintings, antique silver furniture, porcelain, and a beautiful library. The palace showcases its owners' passion for collecting art and antiques, as well as their high standing in the Spanish nobility. From the exterior, visitors get a glimpse of the lavish gardens and statues, as well as the amazing topiaries. After visiting the palace, visitors can take a stroll around the adjoining grounds and take in the rest of the city. Palacio de Anaya is a must-see for anyone looking for a glimpse into Spain's past.

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