Painted Hills

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Painted Hills - Desde Drone, United States
Painted Hills - Desde Drone, United States
@dmey503 - Unsplash
Painted Hills
📍 Desde Drone, United States
The Painted Hills are a series of colorful hills in Mitchell, Oregon, United States. The formation is made up of layers of rock that have been compressed together over millions of years and then weathered by the wind and rain, causing the exposed coloration. The colorful hues range from red, gold, yellow and black, making for a stunning landscape. The hills are part of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, which features a wide range of geological and fossil features. There are numerous trails in the area, which offer hikers and photographers a great range of different views of the colorful hills. The most accessible trail is the Painted Cove Trail, which winds to the top of a 150 foot overlook where visitors can be treated to some of the best views of the hills.

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