Painted Cove Trail

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Painted Cove Trail - United States
Painted Cove Trail - United States
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Painted Cove Trail
📍 United States
Painted Cove Trail is a short, easy hike just outside of Mitchell, United States. It's a course of about 2.4 km (1.5 mi) that circles around a hill. Despite the relatively short distance and low elevation, the trail offers stunning views of nearby valleys and mountains.

The name of the trail, Painted Cove, comes from the fact that the surrounding hills boast some of the most vibrant sandstone and lichen colorations in the area. The rock formations, and the timeless grandeur of the surrounding hills, will inspire your sense of wonder. Along the trail, you can find several take-out points for an even better view of the majestic formations. The terrain is mostly along a single path, but can be a bit rocky. If you are traveling with small children, it's best to bring a walker or stroller. Take some time to slow down and appreciate the bird’s eye view of the native hills and valleys, and explore the unique terrain. Pack a water and you're sure to have an enjoyable adventure!

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