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Orangerieschloss - Desde Inside, Germany
Orangerieschloss - Desde Inside, Germany
📍 Desde Inside, Germany
The Orangerieschloss (Orangery palace) has a long and fascinating history as one of the most incredible palaces in Potsdam, Germany. It was built between 1707-1711 by Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm I, and served both as a royal residence and as a museum for archaeological artifacts. The palace was significantly enlarged during the reign of Friedrich II in the 1780s, with a large parade ground. It was again expanded in 1827-29 by the architect Friedrich August Stüler. Today, it serves as a museum for treasures of various kinds, including items from the Near East, Egypt, and Greece. One of the highlights of the palace is its breathtaking dome, which covers a large hall built in the early 19th century. Another fascinating feature of the palace is a grotto, located beneath the western wing. It houses several thousand different plants and is a true sight to behold. A nice stroll around the palace grounds provides an opportunity to admire the beautiful buildings, the amazing grounds, and the scenic views of Potsdam.

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