Ölfusá River

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Ölfusá River - Desde Skálholtskirkja, Iceland
Ölfusá River - Desde Skálholtskirkja, Iceland
@mbenna - Unsplash
Ölfusá River
📍 Desde Skálholtskirkja, Iceland
The Ölfusá River is one of Iceland's most impressive and captivating bodies of water. Meandering through a diverse landscape of varying terrain, it's easy to spot why it's popular amongst travelers and photographers alike. Winding past small towns, gorgeous mountains, and lush greenery, the river is also accompanied by a bouquet of small streams and tributaries. A true Icelandic river never seen in any other place, Ölfusá stands out from the rest of the waters in the country. With its annual salmon run, be sure to arrive in the summertime to capture the natural beauty at its finest!

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