Old Town Hall, Halle

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Old Town Hall, Halle - Desde Marktplatz, Germany
Old Town Hall, Halle - Desde Marktplatz, Germany
@fa1998 - Unsplash
Old Town Hall, Halle
📍 Desde Marktplatz, Germany
The Old Town Hall, located in Halle, Germany, is an impressive four-storey building featuring Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance-style architecture in its design. It is one of the town’s most beloved landmarks and has existed since 1368. It was originally built as the city palace for local rulers, but was later converted into a meeting place for city councils, courts, and the trading of goods. Its spectacular façade is decorated with a beautiful gable and two towers. Inside, you will find a vast collection of historical paintings, sculptures, archival documents and a historical armory. While the interior of the Town Hall is closed for visits, the incredible exterior view and the surrounding lovely gardens make it a perfect spot for taking photos.

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