O'Brien's Tower

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O'Brien's Tower - Desde Burren Way, Ireland
O'Brien's Tower - Desde Burren Way, Ireland
@ingodwebde - Unsplash
O'Brien's Tower
📍 Desde Burren Way, Ireland
O'Brien's Tower is a beautiful round tower in Lislorkan North, Ireland. It stands over 30 metres tall and is best known for its six-story cylindrical shape. The tower is located in the center of Lislorkan North and can be seen from many areas in the surrounding countryside. Built in 1835, O'Brien's Tower served as a viewing point for the local area and a beacon to warn of any impending attacks. Inside the tower you can find various artifacts, many of which are related to the history of the place. Visitors can climb to the top of the tower, enjoying the panoramic views of the Irish countryside. Inside, visitors can explore the history of O'Brien's Tower and the area around it. There are several interpretive panels where visitors can learn more about the various factors that make Lislorkan North a special place. Make sure to carry water and snacks when visiting the tower.

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