Noria de San Sebastian

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Noria de San Sebastian - Spain
Noria de San Sebastian - Spain
Noria de San Sebastian
📍 Spain
Noria de San Sebastian is a 19th-century waterwheel located in Donostia, Spain. The wooden structure is a hand-built piece of engineering, consisting of a seven-storey framework with a great wheel, driven by a 60 horsepower motor. Its main function is to lift water from the Urumea river to the higher lands of the Igueldo Mountain. The cascading waters of the waterwheel create a picturesque scenery, favoured by photographers and travelers alike. Its beauty is complemented by the stunning landscapes of the region, including the stunning Donostia coastline. The area has lots to offer, with nearby beaches, hiking trails and historic architecture. Don't miss out on the gourmet food options either!

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