Neckar von Heidelberg

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Neckar von Heidelberg - Desde Scheffelterrasse, Germany
Neckar von Heidelberg - Desde Scheffelterrasse, Germany
@filipelourencomarques - Unsplash
Neckar von Heidelberg
📍 Desde Scheffelterrasse, Germany
Heidelberg’s Neckar von Heidelberg is a 15th-century sandstone bridge, an engineering marvel of its time. Built over the River Neckar, this 235m-long and 15.5m-wide structure has stood the test of time, surviving wars and flooding. The bridge has nine sandstone arches making it one of the longest medieval bridges in Germany. Above the roadbed is a pedestrian walkway lined with cantilevered balconies for pedestrians to marvel at the view of the river. On the sides are sculptures of the lions of the House of Baden, which was the ruling family in the Duchy of Baden at the time of its construction. At the centre of the bridge is the Metzgerstor, or the Butchers' Gate, passing which used to be toll-free. One can spend some time enjoying the view of the river and the bridge from the Philosophenweg, also known as the Tracks of Thinking, an idyllic walkway located on the southern side of the river.

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