National Maritime Museum

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National Maritime Museum - Desde Front door, United Kingdom
National Maritime Museum - Desde Front door, United Kingdom
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National Maritime Museum
📍 Desde Front door, United Kingdom
The National Maritime Museum in Greater London is an incredible place to explore. Housed in a baroque-style building near the Thames, the world-famous museum is the world's largest maritime museum and captures Britain's nautical history. From the Age of Exploration to the heyday of the Royal Navy, the museum has it all. Interactive displays and videos bring to life Europe's age of discovery, 17th-century navigation equipment, and the story of the Titanic, to name a few. Artifacts from the museum's collections are exhibited in the galleries, including the original uniform of Admiral Nelson, the inventor of the submarine Robert Fulton, and the painting The Battle of Trafalgar, depicting the victory of Horatio Nelson at Trafalgar. With over 2.5 million objects, the collection is one of the largest in the world and continues to grow with new acquisitions and displays. Visitors can also explore the museum's Reflections Cafe and shop, which sells a wide selection of books, souvenirs and memorabilia.

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