N120 Bridge

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N120 Bridge - Desde Side route, Portugal
N120 Bridge - Desde Side route, Portugal
@mruiandre - Unsplash
N120 Bridge
📍 Desde Side route, Portugal
N120 Bridge, located in São Luís, Portugal, is an iconic structure that links the neighbourhoods of Beiriz, São Romão and Canidelo. It is considered the largest bridge of its kind in the whole Iberian peninsula, with a length of 876m. The bridge is a work of evident architectural value, which was designed to create an aesthetic impact on the landscape of the area, with high concrete abutments that rise up more than 22m above sea level, two 45-meter concrete arcs in the central span, and numerous metal suspension chains. While walking across the bridge, visitors have the chance to admire the unique panoramic views of the port, the urban area, and the Marão mountain chain. A few access points for pedestrians are also available along the way, in case you feel like having a break on the way. It's an excellent location for an evening stroll and for enjoying beautiful views of the city.

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