Mussenden Temple

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Mussenden Temple - Desde Beach, United Kingdom
Mussenden Temple - Desde Beach, United Kingdom
@kmitchhodge - Unsplash
Mussenden Temple
📍 Desde Beach, United Kingdom
Mussenden Temple is one of the most iconic landmarks in Northern Ireland, set atop a 120 foot cliff top overlooking the breathtaking Downhill Beach. Built as a memorial to the daughter of local bishop Frederick Augustus Hervey in 1785, the temple has since become a must-see attraction for any visitor to Northern Ireland. Today, the temple still stands proudly, looking out over the wild and rugged coastline, and providing one of the most beautiful sunset views in the country. There are a few trails for visitors to follow, offering incredible views of the rolling hills and seaside below. Be sure to bring a camera to capture the stunning landscape – a reminder of how nature can be so easily incorporated into human architecture.

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