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Music Mound - Desde Quarry Line Bridge, United States
Music Mound - Desde Quarry Line Bridge, United States
@igorius - Unsplash
Music Mound
📍 Desde Quarry Line Bridge, United States
Music Mound and Quarry Line Bridge are two must-visit attractions in Berea, United States. Music Mound is located on the north side of Berea, near the entrance of the Berea-Madison County Industrial Park. It is a large grassy hill covering approximately 15 acres and is the second highest point in Madison County. Quarry Line Bridge is a double span bridge, located east of Berea. It was built in 1920 and holds a place of historical importance as it was one of the only ways to cross the Sugar Creek at that time. Both these attractions are popular among hikers and photographers, offering stunning views of gorgeous landscapes. The Music Mound trail is 2.5 miles long and features bridges and interesting rock formations. Quarry Line Bridge is the perfect place for a scenic walk and spot for photos, providing great views of the Sugar Creek and its tributaries.

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