Museum Gustavianum

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Museum Gustavianum - Sweden
Museum Gustavianum - Sweden
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Museum Gustavianum
📍 Sweden
Museum Gustavianum is an educative and historical museum located in the city of Uppsala in Sweden. It is situated near Fjärdingen, a beautiful lake nearby. It is the the oldest surviving building of Uppsala University, built in 1625. It displays several collections of paintings, artifacts, and archaeological objects that date back to pre-history times and trace the history of the university up to the modern times. It is a great destination for history buffs and those interested in learning more about the university's past. The permanent exhibition includes an extensive collection of fossils, minerals, coins, textiles, and religious art. Among the highlights are the original copperplate engravings from the university's founding document, and the library of the reconstruction of the university library as it was in 1699. The various artifacts and archives give an insight into the University's academic research. In addition, the museum often hosts special temporary exhibitions. Visitors can also take a stroll in the pleasant garden outside the museum.

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