Mura di Monteriggioni

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Mura di Monteriggioni - Italy
Mura di Monteriggioni - Italy
Mura di Monteriggioni
📍 Italy
Mura di Monteriggioni is an iconic 13th-century ring of battlements located in Monteriggioni, Italy. Situated on a ridge 6 km north of the town of Siena, the walls were built on the orders of Azzone Visconti, Lord of Milan. The walls are nearly 2 km in circumference and 14 towers line the walls. The fortification was built as a defensive measure in the event of a Tuscan invasion. The walls are still in excellent condition and are open to visitors. Visitors can take a self-guided audio tour of the walls and four towers, enjoy spectacular views over the Val d’Elsa Valley and access the archaeological remains located within its walls. There are souvenir shops and a restaurant located near its entrance. Visiting the fortification is a rewarding experience and its defensive structure is a reminder of its fascinating history.

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