Mt. Fuji

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Mt. Fuji - Desde Oshino Hakkai, Japan
Mt. Fuji - Desde Oshino Hakkai, Japan
Mt. Fuji
📍 Desde Oshino Hakkai, Japan
Mt. Fuji is Japan's tallest mountain and its greatest natural landmark. Standing at 3,776 meters (12,388 feet) tall, it is one of Japan's most iconic symbols. Located on the border of Tokyo and Yamanashi prefectures, Mt. Fuji is one of the Three Holy Mountains, a set of sites popular with the traditional religion of Japan, Shinto.

The area around the base of Mt. Fuji is home to the picturesque Oshino Hakkai, a group of eight crystal-clear ponds fed by melted snow. The rustic wooden structures that sit atop the banks of the ponds and the stunning view of the mountain have made this area a popular spot for both locals and visitors from around the world. On a clear day, the view of the mountain from the Oshin Hakkai is simply stunning and it's possible to take a bus from many nearby cities.

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