Mountains Landscape

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Mountains Landscape - Desde Bylym, Russia
Mountains Landscape - Desde Bylym, Russia
Mountains Landscape
📍 Desde Bylym, Russia
The Azores Archipelago is an autonomous region of Portugal located 810 kilometers off the coast of mainland Europe. Comprising nine volcanic islands, the volcanic origins of the region have shaped its unique landscape with dramatic scenery, diverse flora, and fauna. Each of the nine distinct islands offer something different and are home to several nature reserves and UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Azores Marine Park and the N1 Mountain National Park. Popular activities include whale watching, diving, golf, windsurfing, and fishing. Besides the natural beauty, the Azores is known for its traditional villages, diverse cuisine, local wines and beers, and vibrant culture. Explore the captivating natural beauty of this enchanting place and soak up its Mediterranean culture for a memorable experience.

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