Mount Ijen

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Mount Ijen - Desde Wisata Alam Kawah Ijen, Indonesia
Mount Ijen - Desde Wisata Alam Kawah Ijen, Indonesia
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Mount Ijen
📍 Desde Wisata Alam Kawah Ijen, Indonesia
Mount Ijen, in Pt. Perk. Lidjen, Indonesia is an exotic volcano unlike any other. Rising from the depths of an ancient caldera, this grand mountain is an unforgettable sight. With its crystal blue water-filled crater, fog-filled forests, vivid green vegetation, and sulphur-rich thermal vents, Ijen offers a unique and magical atmosphere.

The Ijen crater is well known for its bounty of blue flames burning against the night sky, caused by pure sulfuric gases that are so hot they ignite! During the day, visitors can partake in a truly spectacular view as they admire the hot yellow sulphuric smoke rising from the volcano. The smoke and other crosswinds combine to create beautiful mists and clouds over the lake. Frequent trekking trails lead hikers along damp pathways and uphill staircases, the climb taking 2-4 hours depending on the trail. Hikers will experience stunning scenery of intense tropical forests and dramatic landscapes as they make their way to the top. Also of interest is Ijen's unique 'gastro-mobs' - professional bat masters, who scoop up and transport baskets of sulphur from the depths of the crater by hand. Visitors can observe these remarkable Ijen labourers in action and explore the steamy crater together. Mount Ijen is an incredible place, one-of-a-kind and definitely worth a visit. It is sure to provide an unforgettable experience!

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