Moselschleife Bremm Aussichtspunkt

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Moselschleife Bremm Aussichtspunkt - Germany
Moselschleife Bremm Aussichtspunkt - Germany
@sir_jarvis - Unsplash
Moselschleife Bremm Aussichtspunkt
📍 Germany
The Old Town of Dubrovnik, Croatia is one of the most beautiful European cities located on the Dalmatian Coast. Dubrovnik is filled with narrow winding cobblestone streets lined with impressive monuments and historical buildings. Walk up to the tallest point of the old city walls and you’ll find a breathtaking view of the craggy coastline and the turquoise Adriatic sea – you’ll be glad you put aside your travel plan for a few hours to explore this city! As you meander through the streets and alleys of Old Town, you’ll discover the 15th century Sponza Palace beneath the arches lined with Baroque buildings, and the impressive Onofrio’s Fountain, which was built in the 14th century, still pouring water in honor of a Christian saint. Don’t miss the view from the terrace of the Franciscan Monastery, which offers a stunning overview of the city, and take some time to explore the local museums, theaters, and churches scattered throughout the town! Whether you’re touring the city on foot, or just admiring the view from the walls, Dubrovnik is the perfect destination for travelers and photographers alike.

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