Moscow City Towers

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Moscow City Towers - Desde Riverside, Russia
Moscow City Towers - Desde Riverside, Russia
@nikolayv - Unsplash
Moscow City Towers
📍 Desde Riverside, Russia
Moscow City Towers, or Moscow International Business Center, is a complex of skyscrapers located between the Moskva River and Kutuzovsky Avenue. It's one of the largest construction projects in Russia and the centrepiece of ambitious plans to revive Moscow as a global financial hub. Standing at more than 400 metres (1,300 feet) tall, the towers and office blocks are the tallest in Russia and some of the tallest buildings in Europe. Moscow City Towers boast some of the best views, looking right across the Kremlin and Moscow’s iconic skyline. Visitors can marvel at the sweeping views from the observation decks of the Moscow City towers, while photographers will find endless angles and textures to capture. Explore the curved and angular skylines of Moscow, as well as the grandeur of this Soviet centre. The observation decks also provide an interesting insight into Soviet culture and technological development.

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