Moscow City Towers

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Moscow City Towers - Desde Mezhdunarodnaya, Russia
Moscow City Towers - Desde Mezhdunarodnaya, Russia
@85gb_photo - Unsplash
Moscow City Towers
📍 Desde Mezhdunarodnaya, Russia
Moscow City Towers is the largest and most impressive skyscraper business district in Europe, located in Moscow, Russia. Moscow City Towers consists of thirteen towers and 36 buildings reaching up to 337 meters in height. It also comprises of 250,000 square meters of shops, cafes, restaurants, apartments, offices and an “entertainment center”. Moscow City Towers offers spectacular views of the Moscow River and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. It is a great place to take a leisurely stroll, enjoy the amazing views of the surrounding city, and experience the modern atmosphere of the capital city. There are several walking routes available at Moscow City Towers to choose from, such as the embankment promenade or the Central Garden. The district is served by several metro lines, with stations directly adjacent to moscow city Towers. As a bonus, some of the towers light up at night and serve as a romantic backdrop for photographs.

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