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Mosaicism - Desde Imbiah Nature Trail, Singapore
Mosaicism - Desde Imbiah Nature Trail, Singapore
📍 Desde Imbiah Nature Trail, Singapore
Mosaicism and Imbiah Nature Trail is located in the Southern Islands of Singapore. It is a great spot to observe nature and appreciate exotic plants and animals. The trail is divided into two parts - the Mosaicism trail and Imbiah Nature Trail. Each part provides a unique experience in its own.

The Mosaicism trail is filled with diverse and vibrant plant species. The diverse vegetation includes some of the most unique trees, orchids, and flowering plants that you won’t find anywhere else in Singapore. The trail is mostly flat and makes for a comfortable and leisurely stroll. Imbiah Nature Trail offers a different natural experience. It has a wide range of rainforest species such as ferns, hibiscus, and palms. The trail is more inclined and naturally more rugged, while also providing interesting panoramic views of the beautiful Southern Islands. Mosaicism and Imbiah Nature Trail are great spots to admire nature, hike and watch birds. In particular, this area is well-known for its visiting seabirds and migratory birds. This place is tinged with peacefulness and silence, making it the perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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