Monasterio Cozia

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Monasterio Cozia - Desde Outside, Romania
Monasterio Cozia - Desde Outside, Romania
Monasterio Cozia
📍 Desde Outside, Romania
Monasterio Cozia is a Romanian Orthodox church located in the small riverside village of Căciulata, in the Valcea County of Romania. Founded in 1388, this historic monastery follows the traditional style consisting of four interconnected buildings which flanking a central tower. Its historical importance dates from the reign of Constantin Brâncoveanu, who donated the initial money for restoration in 1702. This monastery marks an important milestone in the history of the Orthodox faith in Romania. The walls of Monasterio Cozia tell stories of the past, filled with religious artifacts, wall paintings, and early wooden and stone sculptures showing the remarkable history of this monastery. Monasterio Cozia is a fascinating place to explore and see the remains of profoundly entrenched cultural and religious significance of this locality. Visitors can explore the grounds and architectural campus, which span over 12,000 square meters, and admire the multi-colored frescoes, dating from the 16th century, still adoring its walls. The quiet majesty of this location will inspire a sense of profound awe and bring a feeling of reverence.

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