Monasterio Cozia

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Monasterio Cozia - Desde Entrance, Romania
Monasterio Cozia - Desde Entrance, Romania
Monasterio Cozia
📍 Desde Entrance, Romania
Monasterio Cozia, located near Căciulata, Romania, is one of the oldest and most famous religious monuments in the area. Monasterio Cozia was founded in 1386 by the ruler Basarab I. It is a romantic and peaceful place, with its quiet monastery ambiance surrounded by verdant forests and a small river, giving it a special backdrop of natural beauty. Not only a place of religious importance, the monastery is also a protected archaeological site with many frescoes, candlesticks and documents that draw history enthusiasts. Nature-loving travelers may explore the nearby forest, with its rich flora and fauna, or take in the sun-reflecting river. If you make the trip during the summer, you can enjoy traditional Romanian music, cuisine, and art. Monasterio Cozia is truly a unique and special place for history, culture, and nature!

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