MIT Building

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MIT Building - Desde Courtyard, United States
MIT Building - Desde Courtyard, United States
@meric - Unsplash
MIT Building
📍 Desde Courtyard, United States
The MIT Building in Cambridge, United States, is an iconic landmark representing the excellence of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Located in the heart of the city, the building features an 18-story, reinforced concrete structure laying out an inventive floor plan. It was designed by architect Pietro Belluschi, who developed a new system of precast concrete parts in order to create the distinctive curved precast panels. With its flexible layout, the building is a great starting point for visitors wishing to explore the MIT campus. Whether walking along the corridors and visitors’ galleries, or admiring the paintings and sculptures scattered throughout, you’ll find plenty of interesting points. The building also houses the remarkable MIT Chapel, with its glass-vaulted roof and cross-shaped form, and the Stata Center, which pays homage to the late Ray and Maria Stata. Finally, the ground floor of the building offers a great view of the courtyard connecting the MIT Building and other surrounding ones.

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