Meteor Crater

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Meteor Crater - Desde Visitor Center, United States
Meteor Crater - Desde Visitor Center, United States
@jimmy_conover - Unsplash
Meteor Crater
📍 Desde Visitor Center, United States
Located in the arid desert of Arizona, Meteor Crater is a breath-taking natural landmark that visitors must experience. It is an ancient meteorite impact crater, 1,200 feet deep and 4,000 feet wide, making it the widest meteorite impact crater in the United States. It is believed to have been created by a meteorite crashing into the Earth's surface more than 50,000 years ago.

The crater is accessible to visitors via a roadside attraction that offers a variety of guided tours, educational programs, and special events, as well as a museum, observatory, and snack bar. A walk around the rim of the crater offers panoramic views of the colorful landscape, replete with pinon junipers, cacti, mesquite, and colorful wildflowers. A variety of tour options allow visitors to explore the crater at their own pace, while taking in its breathtaking beauty. Nature lovers and photographers will not be disappointed. The otherworldly landscape is dotted with ragged ridges, peaks, and canyons, making it a unique and beautiful site. From the viewpoint, the nearby San Francisco Peaks, the largest stratovolcano mountain range in the United States, can be seen. Meteor Crater's stunning beauty, coupled with its remarkable history, make it a must-see attraction for travelers.

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