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Matera - Desde Piazza Duomo, Italy
Matera - Desde Piazza Duomo, Italy
📍 Desde Piazza Duomo, Italy
Matera and Piazza Duomo are part of the same city in the Basilicata region of Italy. Matera is an ancient city, dating back to the 10th century BC, that is known for its 'Sassi' buildings, which are individual dwellings made up of limestone cave dwellings. Piazza Duomo is the city's main square, where both the Duomo and the Romanesque baptistery of San Giovanni in Monterrone are situated. It is a beautiful space, surrounded by buildings in the typical style with beautiful views of the mountains. Take a stroll around the square and explore the myriad of churches, piazzas, buildings and streets. Despite the city's long history, modern influences can also be found, such as the stunning 'Cripta della Scimmia', a small chapel designed by the contemporary Italian artist Mimmo Paladino. There's also plenty of cafes and restaurants in Matera, serving up delicious Italian food. Whether you're a traveler or a photographer, Matera and Piazza Duomo is a must-see destination.

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