Maruoka Castle

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Maruoka Castle - Japan
Maruoka Castle - Japan
Maruoka Castle
📍 Japan
The Maruoka Castle which stands today in Sakai, Japan, has a long and fascinating history. The Castle is located on the grounds of Maruoka Castle, which is the former home of Naitō Masanori, a notorious daimyō during the early Edo period.

In the 16th century, following the orders of Toyotomi Hideyoshi to construct the Osaka Castle, Masanori named his castle “Fukui” and began construction. Unfortunately, due to natural disasters, the castle went through several reconstructions before it became the symmetrical 5-story castle with a beautifully laid out garden. The castle is known for its fortification walls, turrets, and grand entrance gate. Behind the gate is a treasure trove of historical artifacts and sites that are a must-see for lovers of Japanese culture. One of the most notable features of the castle is the three-tier tenshu (keep) tower, which has been designated a National Scenic Beauty. In addition to the castle, there are also some gardens that are worth a visit. The Kikyo Furusato Square and the Naito's Garden have beautiful views of the surrounding area and are great for relaxing. The surrounding area is also lush with many impressive temples, shrines, and other historical sites. Visitors to Maruoka Castle can experience the history and culture that Japan has to offer as well as admire the natural views of nearby Sakai. There are plenty of things to see and do in the area, so a visit to Maruoka Castle is an experience not to be missed.

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