Marienburg Castle

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Marienburg Castle - Desde Trail, Germany
Marienburg Castle - Desde Trail, Germany
Marienburg Castle
📍 Desde Trail, Germany
Marienburg Castle is a majestic, moated castle built on the German countryside. It was originally constructed in 1650 and used as one of the homes of the House of Hanover, a German noble family.

Marienburg Castle is located to the south-west of Hanover, in the town of Pattensen, Germany. The castle is surrounded by a 143 hectare spacious park, with well-manicured peddles and manicured gardens, housing a vast collection of trees, shrubs and flowers across its grounds. The castle consists of an upper bailey, leading to a main gate, with the left tower containing the chapel with a baroque cupola. To the right of the chapel is the cellar baroque house. The castle boasts beautiful gardens, and a remarkable, sixty-three meter tall tower on one end of the bailey. The tower commands stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Today the Marienburg Castle is a popular tourist attraction, welcoming those interested in history and architecture. The castle and its park are open to the public and is a nice place to spend a leisurely day. There are a number of buildings adjacent to the castle, housing a museum and cafe.

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