Marienburg Castle

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Marienburg Castle - Desde Fields, Germany
Marienburg Castle - Desde Fields, Germany
Marienburg Castle
📍 Desde Fields, Germany
Marienburg Castle, in Nordstemmen, Germany, is a grand and powerful castle with a long and rich history. Built in 1250, it was the seat of the ruling prince-bishops of Paderborn-Bremen, a powerful princely and ecclesiastical state in the Middle Ages. The castle is one of the largest in Northern Europe and was never conquered. The castle was damaged by fire and looted during World War II but was later restored. Today, visitors can explore the castle grounds, visit three large stately halls, see the chapel and palace, marvel at the beautiful stonework, and take in the grandeur of Marienburg. The castle holds several cultural events throughout the year such as Medieval evenings, music festivals, and markets. Visitors should also visit the nearby village, which is full of traditional half-timbered houses. Visiting Marienburg Castle, is truly a unique experience.

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