Manhattan Skyline

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Manhattan Skyline - Desde Ferry, United States
Manhattan Skyline - Desde Ferry, United States
@karlkoehler - Unsplash
Manhattan Skyline
📍 Desde Ferry, United States
The Lost City of Petra is an ancient, hidden city located in Jordan. It was founded around 300 BC by the Nabatean Arabs, who carved the stunning facades into the sides of the sandstone cliffs, creating elaborate tombs, facades, and gateways. In addition to being an incredible archaeological site, Petra also has an impressive natural beauty. It is surrounded by a deep wall of mountains, and hiking its trails is a great way to explore this ancient city. As you make your way up the path, there are interesting sites to visit like the Theater and Lion Triclinium. For a truly memorable experience, take a guided tour through the long and winding Siq, a narrow gorge of beautiful sandstone walls, until you reach the incredible Treasury. A tour at the ancient city of Petra is a must-see for any traveler!

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