Mammoth Hot Spring

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Mammoth Hot Spring - Desde Path, United States
Mammoth Hot Spring - Desde Path, United States
@jeanbeller - Unsplash
Mammoth Hot Spring
📍 Desde Path, United States
Mammoth Hot Spring is located in the gorgeous Yellowstone National Park in western United States. It is a large area of hot springs, filled with limestone and travertine terraces, cascades and pools. It is an amazing sight to behold, with the steam rising from the hot springs and the vibrant yellow and orange of the terraces. Mammoth Hot Springs is the home of many incredible wildlife species, with bison, elk, wolves, and bears often spotted in the area. Its position close to the northern end of the park also makes it a popular spot to visit. There are plenty of hiking trails and roads that offer great access to the hot springs. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of different activities in the area, including camping, bird watching, and sightseeing. There are also a number of nearby attractions such as Norris Geyser Basin and the Grand Prismatic Spring.

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